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Minipolis "Divnoe"

Divnoe is a residential area for those looking for inspiration.

It has conceptual architecture and cozy green courtyards. There are spacious, bright apartments and creative workshops. Here it is so easy to pick up a brush again, to run over the keys of the piano.

You can live comfortably in a minipolis while working in the capital. Or working remotely. Or not to work, but to raise children or, for example, write a novel. In the minipolis everything is close by: shopping centers, parking lots, kindergartens and schools, sports clubs, coffee shops, parks.

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Minipolis "Divnoe"

We were inspired by Dutch architecture, where brick facades are organically complemented by white stone and acute-angled pediments with panoramic glazing. That is why the mini-polis Divnoe is so reminiscent of a European town. The individuality of each house is emphasized by the colors of finishing materials, the design of the masonry and the options for the location of the windows.

Entrance lobbies in Divnoe are functional: a special room for storing strollers and bicycles, a washer for pets' paws and wheels, video intercoms, storage rooms on the basement floor.

Also, our lobbies have high ceilings - 3.6 m. Therefore, they will always be light and spacious.

Eco-efficient KONE elevators have been installed in the houses of Divnoye. They know how to enter standby mode and thus save electricity.

KONE elevators have many advantages: reliability, long service life, smooth movement, beautiful design. In addition, during the journey, the interlocutors can calmly talk and hear each other clearly - KONE elevators are absolutely noiseless.

After installation, the elevators must be tested. We want to be sure of their high level of comfort and safety.

Our apartments have smart layouts - plenty of space for dressing rooms, storage rooms and work areas.

There are apartments with finishing, where everything is already ready: the walls are painted, the floor is laminated, the bathroom is tiled. It remains only to choose cozy furniture, hang curtains, arrange your favorite books on the shelves - and here it is, the house.

There are apartments without finishing, where you can realize the most daring ideas. Wooden panels on the ceiling, glass doors, a bed with an embroidered canopy, a wall decorated with living plants - imagination has no limits!


Minipolis "Divnoe"

When we were little, all the fun happened in the yard. We built castles and entire cities, launched ships along canal streams, hung upside down on horizontal bars, shared apples and "secrets", played pirates and robinsons.

In the inner spaces of the minipolis there are sockets for charging the phone, awnings from rain and sun, comfortable benches, a lot of greenery and flowers, an abundance of light and air. They are cozy, like at home, and interesting, like in that very courtyard from childhood.

The educational complex in Divnoe is a place where you go with pleasure. There are spacious colorful rooms here. It is interesting here in every lesson. Here you can learn something new every day.

There are cool playgrounds in Divnoye. And who said that adults are not allowed here?

The play complexes in the minipolis are designed taking into account the interests of different age groups and are completely safe. They also have a bright and harmonious design. That is why, in Divnoye, every courtyard is a small universe.

The workout area in Divnoye is open in any weather, from early morning to late evening. It does not close for renovations, does not require a club card and fashionable uniforms - this is a great place to play sports in the fresh air.

We like to drink hot chocolate in a coffee shop, but so that in a few minutes we will be in nature, surrounded by trees and lush bushes.

We love barbecues, but not near a noisy road, but in the peace and quiet of a summer gazebo.

We love to grow exotic plants and flower beds, and do it close to home.

Comfort is in the smallest detail, and in Marvelous we have taken care of every detail. Places for walks in the fresh air, front gardens, landscaped barbecue areas - relax with pleasure!


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